The new Cooke Varotal/i FF 19-40mm zoom

Cooke Optics has released a 19-40mm wide zoom in its Varotal/i FF range, which joins the 30-95mm medium and 85-215mm long zooms that were launched at the end of 2021. 
The 19-40mm zoom completes the Varotal/i FF series, enabling Cooke to offer broad focal length coverage for the majority of production needs.  The Varotal/i FF T2.9 spherical zoom series offers superb resolution, constant optical speed and minimal breathing throughout the range.  All Varotal/i FF zooms deliver the famed Cooke Look™, offering natural, flattering skin tone and character, and match the Cooke S8/i FF (at T2.8)and S7/i FF prime lenses, enabling cinematographers to preserve their creative intent when switching between primes and zooms.  The Varotal/i FF series offers focal length coverage from 19mm to 215mm.  This coverage provides cinematographers with huge flexibility in the focal length choice from only three lenses, and the set is designed with suitable crossover between focal lengths.
The new 19-40mm lens is the widest of the three Varotal/i FFs, and slightly lighter at 3.5kg(7.7lbs), with 30-95mm and 85-215mm lenses both weighing 4kg (8.8lbs).  As the widest zoom with suitable close focus of 320mm, this is an ideal lens for Steadicam work, allowing the camera operator to obtain fluid moving shots while getting close to the subject.
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