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4 x 4″ Sepia 3 Solid Color Filter

$ 108.00
  • Adds a warm, pale greenish-brown colour across the entire image
  • Creates nostalgic, old-fashioned appearance
  • Solid colour design makes it suitable to be paired with other filters

4.5″ vacuum cup with 5/8″ pin

$ 108.00
Pump it until a red marker disappears to create an amazing bond to non porous surfaces.

4″ x 5.65″ Hot Mirror IRND Filter

$ 488.00
A combination of hot mirror infrared (IR) control filter and a neutral density (ND) filter. Ideal for HD cameras which have greater low-light sensitivity and greater susceptibility to IR contamination. Ideal for use on HD cameras without an integrated IR-blocking filter.

4″×4″ 85 Colour Conversion Filter

$ 128.00
A warming colour conversation filter that results in colour temperature decrease from 5500K to 3400K.

4″×4″ Clear Blue 1 Grad Soft Edge Filter

$ 208.00
A colour graduated filter that creates spectacular images such as converting a dull washed out sky to a breathtaking blue. Ideal for landscape photography.

40″ c-stand w/ spring loaded turtle base, includes grip head and arm

$ 385.00
Max Ht: 126.5″ (321cm) Min Ht: 53″ (135cm) Capacity: 22lbs. (10kg) Weight: 16lbs (7.2kg) Footprint: 27.5″ (70cm) Folded Base: 21″