Film preservation and restoration

Cine Equipment is the only dealer in Singapore offering film archival solutions. We carry film scanners and accessories from two brands — Vintage Cloud and CTM.


Vintage Cloud is a world leader in the technologies required to ensure fast and safe digitization and restoration of valuable film archives. Founded in 2012, Vintage Cloud has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is committed to developing cost-effective, innovative and intuitive solutions designed for the delicate task of film digitisation. The Steenbeck company in Venray, Holland is a part of Vintage Cloud Steenbeck company. Its Steenbeck Digitizer is the only system capable of digitizing separate image and audio at the same time up to 4K resolution and up to 60 fps, at 3-5 times less costly per digitized hour than other high-end systems.


A family business with nearly 100 years of experience in the creative industry, CTM works to provide creation and storage solutions for audiovisual media across all industries. CTM Andre Debrie, a film equipment department of CTM Group, offers a complete range of film equipment: inspection and rewinding tables, traditional and digital viewing table, cleaning machines, restoration equipment and scanners.