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ARRI FSND filters

$ 1,332.00$ 3,999.00
ARRI Full-Spectrum Neutral Density (FSND) filters offer superior image control with maximum flexibility and no optical compromise. ARRI FSND filters are surfaced coated, with highly-polished high optical quality glass as a base. They are distortion free, even when used in conjunction with long focal length lenses. Perfectly color neutral, exceptionally resistant to flare and glare, protective of the color within the scene, and introduce no discernible image distortions at even the longest focal lengths, they eliminate far red contamination without affecting skin tone. FSND0.3 reduces light by 1 stop, FSND0.6 reduces light by 2 stops and FSND0.9 reduces light by 3 stops.

Denc FDC Multi

The DENZ FDC multi ensures that the back focus of your camera is always correct. In addition to the highest

Denz viewfinder OIC 35-A

Please note that the lens is not included. This product is a demo unit.

DigiPrime Package

$ 13,888.00
The Zeiss DigiPrime Complete Cine Lens Set B&H Kit encompasses the full range of DigiPrimes for 2/3″ HD cameras, from

Kenko Color Meter KCM-3100

$ 400.00
Film and lighting equipment manufacturers all claim that their products are balanced to "daylight" (5500K) or "tungsten" (3400K or 3200K). However, their testing is performed in laboratories under highly controlled conditions. We live and photograph in the real word. CCD and CMOS sensors from different manufactures read and interpret color differently. Film from different manufacturers render color differently. Different batches of the same film render color differently. Different lighting equipment renders color differently. The quality and age of that equipment is also a factor. The sun cannot even be relied upon, rarely shines at a perfect (5500K) and can vary widely depending on time of day, weather and pollution in the air. The KCM-3100s nine memory channels make coping with these challenges much more simple. Once you determine the correct filt ration for the film or equipment being used you can simply enter the difference between your filt ration and the meter reading into the meter’s memory. The meter will adjust all future reading accordingly.

Kenko KFM-2200 Flash Meter

$ 400.00
Light meter for both flash and ambient meter with integrated spot meter (include ISO variable mode).

P+S Technik LensChecker

The LensChecker is a small, compact, and mobile tool to test and evaluate lenses by projection. It was designed to

Schneider 4”x4” 81EF ND.9 filter

$ 298.00
81EF Filter Provides a cool or bluish look to tungsten films, resulting in a warmer look compared to using the 85 filter.   Neutral Density Filter Reduces light without affecting colour balance.
  • ND.3 - reduces light by 1 stop
  • ND.6 - reduces light by 2 stops
  • ND.9 - reduces light by 3 stops