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Low Boy Combo Stand Double Riser

$ 458.00
Low Boy Combo – Double Riser Max Height: 76.5″ (1943mm) Min Height: 33.5″ (851mm) Capacity: 72lbs (33kg) Weight: 16lbs (7kg)

Magic stand with runway base

$ 1,357.00
With the Runway Base added, the Magic Stand can be a regular rolling light stand, a high rolling light stand,

Matthelini clamps

$ 80.00$ 100.00
Provides strong, solid gripping of round, square, or rectangular tubing and many other common and irregular shapes. Features ergonomic handle design and reinforced jaws, and the shaft is 1010 chrome plated steel. Available with 2" or 3" Center Jaw and 2" or 6" End Jaw. The Center Jaw has a fixed jaw mounted at the base of the Baby Pin portion of the shaft providing strong support for the pin. The End Jaw has the fixed jaw mounted at the end of the threaded portion of the shaft. The Mini Matthellini 3/8” threaded version is perfect for mounting camera, lighting and many other devices w/ 3/8” female holes, and also comes with a jam nut to prevent rotation. Superior in tight places!

Matthews 5″ Pocket C-stand (Buy one get one free)

$ 240.00
For tabletop or miniature work. Comes with a free limited edition black version when you purchase now. Stocks are limited! CHARACTERISTICS
  • Rugged steel build
  • Double riser
  • Sliding leg
  • 2 functioning aluminum grip heads with 3/16 holes
  • Fits standard dot and finger flags and scrims
*Picture for illustration, dot and finger flag not included.

Matthews BM1 Bulb Mount

$ 15.00
Matthews Studio Equipment offers an easy, grip-compatible solution to hold the industry's professional medium-sized dimmable LED bulbs. The BM1® Bulb Mount offers a quick, practical and inexpensive answer for attaching these battery and ballast operated bulbs to various types of grip equipment. Shown here with Aputure Accent B7c, Astera NYX, Matthews MicroGrip Pin 20027-10, Matthews MicroGrip Rod 350602-6, and Matthews Scissor Clip 6050/100.

Matthews Extendellini

$ 41.00
Lengthen your Matthellini with this innovative new product! Please note that you will need a centre-jaw Matthellini clamp to use

Matthews Floatcam Heavy Duty DC Slider with HD Slider Motion Control Kit, MT1 Tripod

$ 10,888.00
Rail Length: 73″ (1.85 m) Tracking Length: 63″ (1.6 m) Vertical Height: 79″ (2 m) Maximum Load: 22 lb (10

Matthews Matthbounce Floppy

$ 310.00
Matthews' new 40"x40" Flags and Floppies are a practical size that answers the need for gear portable enough to travel in a hatchback or similar size vehicle. Compact, built with 3/8" stainless steel tubing, the new 40"x40" size fits standard shipping limits and may be shipped by carriers UPS and FedEx, unlike its larger 48"x48" counterpart. The 40"x40" sizes are available in a flag, top hinge floppy, bottom hinge floppy, artificial silk, and a new matthbounce floppy. Matthews offers a durable zippered flag bag for easy transport. The flag, top hinge floppy, matthbounce floppy, and artificial silk may be purchased together as a kit with or without the bag.

Matthews Octagon Board

$ 100.00
The Octagon Board allows you to mount your camera low and move it often by bolting a Hi-Hat onto the Octagon Board, and in turn mount your camera directly to the Hi-Hat to get your shot. And when its time to change camera position, just pick it up, move it over and get back to work.

Matthews RoadFlags II Kit

$ 1,380.00
Matthews Studio Equipment presents a new, versatile solution to duplicating studio lighting effects on location. Designed for today's highly mobile, location shooter, RoadFlags II offers a larger 4' x 4' (122cm x 122cm) surface lighting modification in a convenient, easy-to-use portable kit. The "slip-on" fabrics allow for fast setup and packaging while offering larger fabric sizes to create a multitude of lighting effects.
RoadFlags II Kit packs into a lightweight, self-contained easy-to-handle 28" x 50" (71cm x 127cm) soft bag. RoadFlags II Kit will easily pack into any automobile or location vehicle. In addition to the list of fabrics included in a RoadFlags II Kit, additional SLIP-ON light modification fabrics are available for RoadFlags II and as instant recovers for standard 48"x48" frames. Now there is no need to return the frames to the factory for recovering. 999028 - RoadFlags II Kit includes: 2 breakdown, easy-to-assemble 48"x48" (122cmx122cm) frames 1 each for single scrim, silk diffusion, silver lame reflector and solid shown in the thumbnails below 1 each carrying bag ACCESSORIES (purchased separately): - 169196 Single Black Scrim - 169194 Double Black Scrim - 169193 Artificial Silk - 169197 Solid - 169198 Silver Lame - 169199 Gold Lame - 169200 Blue Screen - 169202 Green Screen - 169207 Floppy - 169614 RoadFlags II Break-A-Part Frame II - 169150 RoadFlags II Bag - 539189 48"x48" Solid Frame Select the item from the drop down list above for list pricing. Recommended products for use in the field, purchased separately: - B366168 Black Aluminum Digital Stand - 655040 Hollywood Grip Head and Arm - Sandbags for safety IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: RoadFlags II are designed for use under a controlled environment. Wind and/or other weather conditions may cause damage to this product. While all Matthews products are guaranteed 100% against defects in materials and manufacturing, we cannot be held responsible for damage to products resulting from misuse.

Mattthews Stand Wheels

$ 68.00
Easily move your Matthews Combo Stand around the studio floor with these large diameter, heavy-duty, multiple locating/locking caster sets. A

Maxi Matthepole

$ 279.00
Matthews Matthpoles are stronger and more durable than any similar product. Unique “expanding casting” provides the pressure for holding the