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K-Stacker II

$ 307.00
The K-Stacker offers a simple solution for LED and FLO lighting support. Based on a concept from Canadian gaffer Alex

KIT stand medium duty with brake (black)

$ 140.00
Designed primarily for use in lighting kits, these stands are compact and lightweight, ideal for assembling custom lighting kits or

Knife blade frame

$ 119.00$ 255.00
The flat edges of these frames make them ideal for quick gel changes with 2 sided tape. Image shown is knife blade frame only. PN 549099 - 36" x 36" 3/4 Square Tubing Frame (2lbs) PN 549100* - 48" x 48" 3/4" Square Tubing Frame (3lbs) PN 549098* - 60" x 60" Square Tubing Frame (3.5lb) PN 549122 - 18" x 24" Knife Blade Frame (2lbs) PN 549121 - 24" x 36" Knife Blade Frame (2.5lbs) PN 549123 - 30" x 36" Knife Blade Frame (3lbs) PN 549126* - 48" x 48" Knife Blade (3lbs)

Low Boy Combo Stand Double Riser

$ 458.00
Low Boy Combo – Double Riser Max Height: 76.5″ (1943mm) Min Height: 33.5″ (851mm) Capacity: 72lbs (33kg) Weight: 16lbs (7kg)

Magic stand with runway base

$ 1,357.00
With the Runway Base added, the Magic Stand can be a regular rolling light stand, a high rolling light stand,

Matthelini clamps

$ 80.00$ 100.00
Provides strong, solid gripping of round, square, or rectangular tubing and many other common and irregular shapes. Features ergonomic handle design and reinforced jaws, and the shaft is 1010 chrome plated steel. Available with 2" or 3" Center Jaw and 2" or 6" End Jaw. The Center Jaw has a fixed jaw mounted at the base of the Baby Pin portion of the shaft providing strong support for the pin. The End Jaw has the fixed jaw mounted at the end of the threaded portion of the shaft. The Mini Matthellini 3/8” threaded version is perfect for mounting camera, lighting and many other devices w/ 3/8” female holes, and also comes with a jam nut to prevent rotation. Superior in tight places!

Matthews Extendellini

$ 41.00
Lengthen your Matthellini with this innovative new product! Please note that you will need a centre-jaw Matthellini clamp to use

Matthews Floatcam Heavy Duty DC Slider with HD Slider Motion Control Kit, MT1 Tripod

$ 10,888.00
Rail Length: 73″ (1.85 m) Tracking Length: 63″ (1.6 m) Vertical Height: 79″ (2 m) Maximum Load: 22 lb (10

Mattthews Stand Wheels

$ 68.00
Easily move your Matthews Combo Stand around the studio floor with these large diameter, heavy-duty, multiple locating/locking caster sets. A

Maxi Matthepole

$ 279.00
Matthews Matthpoles are stronger and more durable than any similar product. Unique “expanding casting” provides the pressure for holding the

Medium duty maxi kit stand (chrome/steel)

$ 214.00
Designed primarily for use in lighting kits, these stands are compact and lightweight, ideal for assembling custom lighting kits or

Microgrip kit

$ 274.00$ 728.00
MICROGrip by Matthews is being introduced as the newest line of grip and mounting products developed especially for the motion picture, television and photographic production industries. This broad range of products has been developed around the MICROGrip head with only a 1.25" (32mm) diameter and tapped 3/8" rods of various lengths. MICROGrip is great in the studio for table top and product imaging as well as miniature work. The micro-griphead allows all of the moves and features of its bigger 2-1/2" counterpart but in a smaller package. Accessories to the MICROGrip head include various lengths of 3/8" rods, weighted bases for increased stability, clips to hold props and objects, and micro shot bags plus a wide variety of micro scrims and flags. The creative professional image maker will discover many uses and applications for MICROGrip that will allow them to quickly expand their creativity with more satisfying results.