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Grip heads

$ 62.00$ 167.00
Matthews Grip Heads are the strongest in the business! Set it and forget it...plates feature two holes of 3/8" and 5/8" diameter that eliminate any confusion. New castings offer positive lock in all directions. Mini Grip Head comes standard in our MiniGrip Kit with 3/8" and 5/8" mounting holes. MICROGrip Head comes in our new MICROGrip series of mounting products.

HI-HI Overhead Roller Stand with Rocky Mountain Leg

$ 979.00
Max Ht: 249” (6325mm) Min Ht: 84″ (2143mm) Capacity: 88lbs. (40kg) Weight: 43lbs (20kg) Footprint: 60″ (1524mm) Folded Base: 16″

Hollywood arm

$ 126.00$ 133.00
Matthews Hollywood Arms are made of Stainless Steel and can come in black finish as well. T-Handles are ergonomically designed

Hollywood superflex arm snap-in

$ 182.00
Totally redesigned to be the only Articulated Arm that locks firmly enough to be able to hold a small light

Infinity arm

$ 48.00$ 472.00
Infinity Arm is a versatile cine arm used to mount cameras, lights, monitors and anything else you require. The Infinity Arm is a fully articulated arm equipped with 360degrees rotate-able and interchangeable, ball-in-socket, quick release tips for adding and removing accessories quickly and efficiently. The Infinity Arm is the strongest articulating cine arm on the market, with a weight capacity of 15-32lbs depending on the configuration. The Infinity Arm is manufactured in two identical sections. Both sections are equipped with removable ball-in-socket assemblies at their outer end, and joined at their common center point by a radial rosette, designed to assemble and lock the two independent arms simultaneously into their desired positions for optimal functionality and accessory placement. PATENT PENDING. Specifications: - Capacity: 15lbs+ (7kg+) - Length including tips: 10" (w/o tips 9") - Arm Weight: 1.5lbs (.6kg) - Materials: CNC'd Tool Steel and 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum - Material Finishes: Type 3 military grade black anodize and a proprietary electroless nickel phosphorus Ice shot includes the Kit, Cheese Plate Adapter, Super Mafer Clamp and a GoPro mount. The Infinity arms mounts to the cheese plate adapter to the mafer to grab the front of the vehicle while the Infinity Arm and GoPro mount holds the camera. Waterfall shot includes the Mini Matthellini Clamp and the Really Right Stuff Camera Mount. While traveling on foot to exotic places it can be difficult to carry a lot of gear. Strip down to tripod, camera(s), lense(s) and Infinity arm and accessories; shoot long exposures and timelapse with two different camera and lens packages off the same tripod at the same time.

Junior grid clamp

$ 85.00
For mounting larger lighting fixtures securely to overhead grids, car rigs, camera car rails, pipe and speed rail. The clamp

Junior Grid Clamp T Style

$ 99.00
When symmetry is required, the “T” Style Grid Clamp will allow you to center panel style lights perfectly.

Junior Wall Plate

$ 70.00
Functions very much the same way as a Baby Plate, but it’s made with a heavier plate and a 1-1/8″

K-Stacker II

$ 307.00
The K-Stacker offers a simple solution for LED and FLO lighting support. Based on a concept from Canadian gaffer Alex

KIT stand medium duty with brake (black)

$ 140.00
Designed primarily for use in lighting kits, these stands are compact and lightweight, ideal for assembling custom lighting kits or

Knife blade frame

$ 119.00$ 255.00
The flat edges of these frames make them ideal for quick gel changes with 2 sided tape. Image shown is knife blade frame only. PN 549099 - 36" x 36" 3/4 Square Tubing Frame (2lbs) PN 549100* - 48" x 48" 3/4" Square Tubing Frame (3lbs) PN 549098* - 60" x 60" Square Tubing Frame (3.5lb) PN 549122 - 18" x 24" Knife Blade Frame (2lbs) PN 549121 - 24" x 36" Knife Blade Frame (2.5lbs) PN 549123 - 30" x 36" Knife Blade Frame (3lbs) PN 549126* - 48" x 48" Knife Blade (3lbs)