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4.5″ vacuum cup with 5/8″ pin

$ 108.00
Pump it until a red marker disappears to create an amazing bond to non porous surfaces.

40″ c-stand w/ spring loaded turtle base, includes grip head and arm

$ 385.00
Max Ht: 126.5″ (321cm) Min Ht: 53″ (135cm) Capacity: 22lbs. (10kg) Weight: 16lbs (7.2kg) Footprint: 27.5″ (70cm) Folded Base: 21″


$ 336.00
Max Ht: 126.5″ (321cm) Min Ht: 53″ (135cm) Capacity: 22lbs. (10kg) Weight: 16lbs (7.2kg) Footprint: 27.5″ (70cm) Folded Base: 21″

6″ pin with collar

$ 22.00
Small and easy to keep in that emergency kit, the 6″ Pin with Collar can be mounted in a Grip

Apple box

$ 50.00$ 280.00
Use them for propping or leveling, sitting or standing. Nail Wall Plates to them to hold low angle lighting fixtures and multiple other purposes. A Full Apple Box is equivalent to two 1/2 Apples, four 1/4 Apples and eight 1/8 Apples (pancake).

BABY 2Fer and 3Fer

$ 42.00$ 62.00
Baby 2fers PN 209644 and 3fers PN 209645 are a strong and versatile way of adapting 5/8" females or grip heads into two or three 5/8" male pins. Both parts weight 1lbs. Features and Benefits Knurled baby pin ensures whatever is being mounted stays put.

Baby grid clamp

$ 85.00
Made to clamp securely on overhead grids, car rigs, or camera car rails for mounting light fixtures. The Baby Grid

Baby pin adapter

$ 48.00
3/8″ Baby Pin Adapter for mounting on Baby Pins

Baby plate right angle

$ 46.00
This piece of equipment has almost as many names as it has uses. Originally designed for mounting Baby fixtures to


$ 101.00
Can be mounted onto a lighting stand to hold 3 lights.

Babysitter mini 2 pack

$ 209.00
Securely and quickly mount baby plates to the BabySitt’r in seconds, without tools or screws. A universal system that works


$ 228.00
Unlike most other ball head mounts which are manufactured from die cast components, Matthews Ball Head Camera Mounts are individually

Black aluminium lightweight digital baby stand

$ 333.00
Max Ht: 155” (393cm) Min Ht: 53″ (135cm) Capacity: 25lbs. (11.3kg) Weight: 9lbs (4kg) Footprint: 36″ (90cm) Triple Riser Steel


$ 6.00
Track and camera wedges are used to level track and create perfect vertical or horizontal conditions. May be driven into

Digital combo stand

$ 388.00
Max Ht: 132” (335cm) Min Ht: 51″ (130cm) Capacity: 88lbs. (40kg) Weight: 18lbs (8.1kg) Footprint: 50″ (127cm) 5/8” Pin/Spigot plus

Dutti dolly Mitchell riser kit

$ 262.00
The Mitchell Riser kit was designed to elevate your fluid head by 2.5”. This may be required when using a

Dutti Dolly track rails 4ft

$ 70.00
Track pieces are sold individually so you can mix and match or buy replacements. Because the Dutti Dolly will roll