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Yegrin Flexible LED Scarf Bi-colour

$ 1,150.00$ 1,520.00
A flexible light panel that is lightweight and portable, suited for shooting in small spaces. With the removable PVC cover, it is waterproof and adapted for rainy weathers. Basic kit includes: light mat, AC adapter, X band bracket, Dimmer and V mount battery plate.

Yegrin pocket LED

$ 218.00
The pocket LED has a built in lithium polymer battery, enabling fast charging using a USB cable, lasting 1.5 hour

Yegrin Quadra LED

$ 568.00
Specifications Colour temperature: 3200-5600K Power consumption: 10W Beam angle: 120 Power source: integrated lithium polymer battery, mini USB charger

Zylight Z90 LED light

$ 1,208.00
The palm-sized Z90 gives you the flexibility of variable color temperatures (2500-9000K) and access to any color of the rainbow