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T2 fresnel manual 430V G38 with bare ends cable

$ 780.00
ARRI True Blue represent an unprecedented evolution of the location fixtures that have been popular workhorses for over two decades. Following extensive research and feedback from lighting professionals around the world, combined with advances in technology, ARRI has designed a series of six highly innovative lampheads with over 30 new improvements for studio and location lighting. ARRI True Blue T1 is available in both manual and pole-operated versions.

Visionsmith Relamp

$ 830.00$ 1,026.00
The ideal way to upgrade to LED
    • No Down-Time: Relamp your studio from Halogen to LED instantly
    • Ultra-High Quality: 98CRI – matches Tungsten or Daylight without correction
    • Full-range dimming on your existing AC Dimmers – without color shift!
    • Flicker-Free: even when dimmed down.
    • Safe: no burns, no fire hazard, does not explode like Halogen
    • No heat on subject or talent
    • Environmentally Conscious: Easiest way to make your business sustainable.
    • Reliable: Fully self-protected for a very long life, ongoing warranty available.
    • ROI: A typical TV studio saves thousands beyond the initial cost within the first year!
    • 1/4 the cost of comparable 1k LED Fresnels.

Yegrin AR-600X

$ 2,950.00
  • temperature range of 2800 to 6500K
  • manual control or DMX 5-Pin
  • removable power supply enables remote control
  • adapted for international usage
  • IP65 rating makes it adaptable to heavy rain and harsh environments
  • broad 35-degree beam

Yegrin Flexible LED Scarf Bi-colour

$ 1,150.00$ 1,520.00
A flexible light panel that is lightweight and portable, suited for shooting in small spaces. With the removable PVC cover, it is waterproof and adapted for rainy weathers. Basic kit includes: light mat, AC adapter, X band bracket, Dimmer and V mount battery plate.

Yegrin pocket LED

$ 218.00
The pocket LED has a built in lithium polymer battery, enabling fast charging using a USB cable, lasting 1.5 hour

Yegrin Quadra LED

$ 568.00
Specifications Colour temperature: 3200-5600K Power consumption: 10W Beam angle: 120 Power source: integrated lithium polymer battery, mini USB charger

Zylight Z90 LED light

$ 1,208.00
The palm-sized Z90 gives you the flexibility of variable color temperatures (2500-9000K) and access to any color of the rainbow