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Schneider 6.6”x6.6” 85ND filter

$ 458.00
A combination of the Schneider neutral density and 85 colour conversion filter. Neutral Density Filter Appears grey and reduces light reaching the film without affecting colour balance.
  • ND.3 - reduces light by 1 stop
  • ND.6 - reduces light by 2 stops
  • ND.9 - reduces light by 3 stops
  85 Color Conversion Filter Corrects colour temperature difference between the recording medium and the light source. Produces cooler results compared to the 85B which converts tungsten film to daylight.

Schneider 6.6”x6.6” ND.9 SE

$ 518.00
Crafted with Schneider’s water white glass technology, this Soft Edge Graduated ND filter that balances exposure within a scene by

SHAPE Telescopic support arm 15mm rod bloc

$ 306.00
The Telescopic Support Arm with Rod Bloc from SHAPE is a variable length support arm designed to stabilize a shoulder

Steadicam Air Monopod

$ 326.00$ 434.00
With its gas lift spring, the AIR makes it easy for professional photographers and cinematographers to raise their heights and never miss a moment. Available in two different configurations, a 25 lb. and soon after a 15 lb. weight capacity, the AIR is the perfect complement for professional image-makers looking to stabilize and support their equipment.
  • 100% gas lift, spring activated height adjustable monopod – activated by adjustable foot pedal
  • Made of Lightweight Carbon Fiber
  • 3 – Section Monopod with 1 – twist leg lock
  • Allows for full 360 degree rotation without compromise
  • Ergonomic foam padded grip point with debossed Steadicam branding on the handle
  • Removable aluminum top plate with reversible screw thread allowing for 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16
  • Oversized rubber foot giving you extra stability connected to ball point
  • Quick twist rubberized leg grips
  • Non-slip, rubberized foot pedal allows for easy grip operation. Pedal also folds up with travel purposes and quick transport
  • Collapsed Height = 28″ // Fully Extended Height = 62.5″
  • Sleek red accents

Wooden Camera Accessory kit for Panasonic EVA1

$ 2,388.00
Designed for the Panasonic EVA1 camera, the kit includes Top Plate (Panasonic EVA1) Unified Baseplate (Panasonic EVA1) 2x 15mm Rod