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$ 2,388.00
This Blacklight kit comes with a 162mm clamp‐on back, two 6.6″ filter trays and the carbon fibre top flag. The


$ 218.00
Attaching directly to the carbon fibre chassis, the filter guard provides an extra level of protection preventing filters from falling


$ 118.00
When using the Strummer DNA in a 6.6″ configuration, this extension is required to fit the Strummer DNA Filter Guard

Bright Tangerine filter tray for Strummer DNA

$ 288.00$ 358.00
An optional accessory that allows you to add industry standard PV filters into your Cassette to allow you more flexibility

Bright Tangerine FORX 15MM LWS RODS 6″ (PAIR)

$ 88.00
The 15 mm Forx Lightweight Rods (Pair) is an optional accessory that connects to the Forx rod extensions and also

Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Pola+

$ 820.00
The Misfit Atom Pola+ matte box is an ultra lightweight matte box that can accommodate up to two 4×4″ or

Bright Tangerine MISFIT KICK 3-STAGE KIT

$ 1,588.00
Misfit Kick is the next generation matte box for all cinematographers. This kit comes ready with three 4×5.65″ filter trays

Bright Tangerine STRUMMER DNA 3‐STAGE W/ 15MM LWS & 19MM STUDIO ARMS (5.65″)

$ 3,718.00
5.65″ Strummer DNA with three 6.6″ rotable stage casettes, complete with the lightweight swing away kit.

Bright Tangerine Titan Support Arm

$ 345.00
The Titan Arm is a unique support articulating arm with its self-supporting feature. Capable of supporting up to 8kg/17lbs to withstand the toughest of all shooting environments.
  • Load capacity of 8 kg
  • Ergonomic kip lever to lock and release the articulated joints
  • Multiple clamping options
  • Patented design prevents over torqueing of joints and reduces wear and tear
  • Built from anodized aluminium and stainless steel for maximum durability

Chrosziel Kit 456 SONY F3 HD Kit 95-130

$ 2,418.00
Designed for lenses with outer diameter 95-125mm and full format cameras. Included in the kit: 456 Mattebox Top flag Two

Dinkum Actionpod

$ 53.00
ActionPod® is a clamping monopod that is genius in its simplicity, providing the quickest, easiest mounting solution on the market.

Dinkum CINE™ Lens Shade w/ Clamp

$ 136.00
Designed for use on larger film and video cameras, the CINE™ lens shade, or “french flag”, attaches quickly and accurately