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Bright Tangerine 143 – 114mm rubber donut with 138mm retainer

$ 308.00
A flexible bellows style donut designed to be used with rod mounted or swing away configured matte box.
  • Fast alignment to the lens using swing away configured matte boxes
  • Contains a retaining ring to accommodate 138mm round filters like polarisers and diopters
  • Maintain a complete light seal when tilting matte boxes
  • Inner diameter of 114mm can be stepped down with Threaded Adaptor Rings down to 80mm

Bright Tangerine 15mm LWS bracket

$ 218.00
The 15mm Lightweight Rod Bracket Type 3. Connect either 19mm/ 15mm Studio Brackets is an optional accessory that is designed

Bright Tangerine 15mm LWS Swing Away Kit (Misfit KICK)

$ 778.00
Configure your Misfit Kick for swing away, speeding up lens changes and adding support for use with rubber donuts. This

Bright Tangerine 15MM STUDIO BRACKET

$ 358.00
An optional accessory that connects to lightweight arms with a custom made stainless steel 3/8′ threaded screw. Two fully clamping

Bright Tangerine 165-143mm Reducer Ring for Strummer DNA 6.6″

$ 188.00
Reduces the 165mm back on the Strummer DNA 6.6″ back to 143mm making it compatible with the 143mm Rubber Donut (B1250.1001) and threaded adaptor ring combinations for lens diameters down to 80mm.

Bright Tangerine 19mm Studio Lens Support with 3/8″ – MARR

$ 418.00
Designed to withstand forces from both axis especially when tilting the lens,  this rod securely support your lens onto studio support rods.

Bright Tangerine 2 stage casette for STRUMMER DNA 6.6″

$ 1,158.00
Build out your Strummer DNA Core into a two stage 6.6″ matte box. Single stage expansion packs can be added

Bright Tangerine 4×4 FILTER TRAY (MISFIT)

$ 168.00
This filter tray is made for the Misfit and supports 4×4″ sized filters.


$ 358.00
Tilt your filters by 6 degrees to prevent internal reflections Mounts with two screws Compatible with Misfit Atom & Misfit


$ 358.00
Tilts filters by 6 degrees Mounts with two screws Compatible with Misfit Atom & Misfit Atom Pola+