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Backstage Equipment 4×4 Coaster Junior Cart

$ 1,388.00
Fits easily into van or small truck Holds (24) 4 x 4 Flags Door Swing Bracket allows you to load from front of cart Wheels (2) 5” Thermal Swivel Casters with Brake & (2) 10” Pneumatic Offset Wheels

Backstage Equipment Combo stand cart

$ 2,888.00
Holds (16) Junior Combo Stands & (10) Low Combo Stands Combo Stand Holders can be switched with Baby Stand Holders (see accessories) Jockey Box Holds (1) Half Milk Crate (When not using 3-Riser Combo Stands) Wheels (2) 10” Swivel Casters & (2) 10” Rigid Casters (Optional (2) 10” Swivel Casters & (4) 10” Rigid Casters) Equipped with foot brake Max. Capacity 100lbs/ 454 kg

Backstage Equipment Electrician’s cart

$ 2,870.00
• includes 6 Sliding Milk Crate Compartments • Top Tray (D18” x W28 1/4” x H13”) (D45.7cm x W71.8cm x H33cm) • End Pans (D13” x W18”) (D33cm x W45.7cm) • Rear Storage (L55” x W7”) (L139.7cm x W17.8cm) • Jockey Box Holds (2) Half Milk Crates • Wheels (2) 10” Swivel Casters & (2) 10” Rigid Casters (Optional (2) 10” Swivel Casters & (4) 10” Rigid Casters) • Foot Brake • Pull Bar • Locking Bar

Backstage Equipment Magliner Junior (modified) cart

$ 2,300.00
The Magliner Junior Modified Cart is a great tool for any Camera Assistant, Sound, Photographer and Steadi-Cam Operator. We’ve replaced the 5” stock wheels with 8” pneumatics with brakes and added custom Toe Plate which can be enhanced by adding an AC Unit.

Backstage Equipment Magliner Senior Cart

$ 2,500.00
The Magliner Junior Modified Cart was made with the Camera Assistant, Sound, Photographer and Steadi-Cam Operator in mind. Some of

Backstage Equipment Skypanel 60 cart

$ 3,970.00
Max. Capacity: 1000 lbs. /454.6 kgs. Weight: 273 lbs. / 124 kgs. Dimensions: L48″ x W21 1/4″ x H51 1/4″

Backstage GE-13 C-Stand/Hi-Roller Utility Cart

$ 2,800.00
  • Holds up to 13 C-Stands
  • Holds (2) Milk Crates
  • Holds (4) C-Stand Gobo Head and Arms
  • Holds Sand Bags
  • Wheels: (2) 10” Pneumatic Offset Wheels & (2) 8” Swivel Casters
  • Hand Brake

Mag Tripod Holder with 5/8” Baby Pin

$ 340.00
Magliner MAG-TP (MAGTP) Mag Tripod Holder magliner_mag-tp_tripod_holder / MAG-TP. The Mag Tripod Holder can hold two full size Tripods, a rubber bungee secures Tripods in place. The built-in 5/8” Baby Pin can accept anything with a 5/8” receiver, such as an Umbrella Holder, 9” Monitor Tray or a Mag Dual Video Bracket. The Tripod Holder can be flipped 180 degrees so it lays down flat when Nose is folded.

MagGrip/Light Caddy (Large)

$ 780.00
The Backstage Equipment Mag Grip/Light Caddy comes in two sizes. The difference between the two is the width. The small caddy was designed to carry 18 x 24" flags, while the large caddy will carry 24 x 36" flags as well. Both units can also carry small electrical stands and/or tripods. An adjustable separator keeps the stands away from the flags. The maximum capacity is 100 pounds. There are two rubber bungees built into the caddy to be used to secure objects down. If additional stands are required, you can use removable stand holders which attach to the outside of the caddy. Stand holders are available in quad, double, and single format. The caddy attaches to the middle horizontal bar of the nose and is easily removed. When standing by itself, it uses four rubber feet to stand on.