ARRI FSND filters

$ 1,332.00$ 3,999.00
ARRI Full-Spectrum Neutral Density (FSND) filters offer superior image control with maximum flexibility and no optical compromise. ARRI FSND filters are surfaced coated, with highly-polished high optical quality glass as a base. They are distortion free, even when used in conjunction with long focal length lenses. Perfectly color neutral, exceptionally resistant to flare and glare, protective of the color within the scene, and introduce no discernible image distortions at even the longest focal lengths, they eliminate far red contamination without affecting skin tone. FSND0.3 reduces light by 1 stop, FSND0.6 reduces light by 2 stops and FSND0.9 reduces light by 3 stops.

Schneider 4”x4” 81EF ND.9 filter

$ 298.00
81EF Filter Provides a cool or bluish look to tungsten films, resulting in a warmer look compared to using the 85 filter.   Neutral Density Filter Reduces light without affecting colour balance.
  • ND.3 - reduces light by 1 stop
  • ND.6 - reduces light by 2 stops
  • ND.9 - reduces light by 3 stops

Schneider 6.6”x6.6” 85ND filter

$ 458.00
A combination of the Schneider neutral density and 85 colour conversion filter. Neutral Density Filter Appears grey and reduces light reaching the film without affecting colour balance.
  • ND.3 - reduces light by 1 stop
  • ND.6 - reduces light by 2 stops
  • ND.9 - reduces light by 3 stops
  85 Color Conversion Filter Corrects colour temperature difference between the recording medium and the light source. Produces cooler results compared to the 85B which converts tungsten film to daylight.

Schneider 6.6”x6.6” ND.9 SE

$ 518.00
Crafted with Schneider’s water white glass technology, this Soft Edge Graduated ND filter that balances exposure within a scene by

Alan Gordon clapperboard

$ 180.00
Manufactured by Alan Gordon Enterprises, the clapperboard is made of heavy-duty acrylic and measures 11″ x 9.25″ x 1/8″. ENGRAVED

ARRI large assistant pouch

$ 58.00
A lightweight, yet rugged belt pouch for the camera assistant who wants to keep essential tools and accessories close at hand. Constructed from an abrasion and water-resistant nylon fabric, the pouch provides multiple pockets and slots for organizing all your pens, cleaners, tools and more. Two velcro adjustable belt loops on the back allow the pouch to be attached to the ARRI Crew belt.

ARRI large general pouch

$ 30.00
A lightweight, yet rugged general-purpose storage pouch for keeping items in an easy and convenient location. Great for storing and

ARRI ultimate pro leather gloves

$ 52.00
Extremely hard-wearing, ARRI Ultimate Pro-Set gloves feature dual-layered goat leather in high wear areas to meet the demands of life
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