Developed with LEDs made to match the spectral sensitivity of HD cameras, the YeGrin Volcano VL400 Bi-Color Soft LED Panel can fill a large location or stage with smooth, uniform, and controlled light. With output performance similar to a 3.5K instrument, the Volcano VL400 is a feature rich choice. Providing flicker-free operation in 4K, an expanded adjustable color temperature range from 2800 to 6000K, and continuous dimming from 0-100%, tailoring to your lighting needs is a snap. Set adjustments using DMX-15 connectivity or the integrated manual controls. The bright LCD control panel readout and 12 programmable menus make for fast, reliable, and repeatable setups.

Continuously transition through an expanded Kelvin range from 2800 to 6000K to fine tune the ideal color temperature.
Seamlessly step through a dimming range of 0-100%, ranging from nuanced to high key. Adjustable manually or remotely through DMX connection
Allows controlling multiple instruments individually in addition to easy manual adjustment using the integrated manual controls and LCD screen.
Store up to 12 pre-programmed setups using adjustable variables like Kelvin Calibration, Dimming Curve, Strobe Effect, Display Setup, and more.

The YEGRIN Volcano series (Panel) comes in 3 models:
Volcano 200 (120W)
Volcano 300 (240W)
Volcano 400 (420W)

Bi-Color : 2800-6000 CCT / High CRI : 95-98
Fully diffused (no need for an extra soft-box)
No Fan (Passive cooling)
Built-in V or G-mount battery adapter
Both 12/24V battery acceptable
Smoother dimming control (16bit scale)
Programmable dimming-curve, display-setup and strobe-effect

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Brand Yegrin
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