Talos is a medium sized rig designed for easy, portable motion control – making it ideal for location work. Half the weight of the larger Milo rig, the Talos still offers a wide operating envelope, making it a good alternative for shoots where space or transport is a factor. Able to access areas that other motion control rigs might struggle to, the Talos is small enough to pass through standard sized doorways, without dismantling, to enable easy filming in small buildings and confined spaces, even when operating on rails. For flexibility, the Talos Utilises MRMC’s Ulti-Head, which has the option to be under- or over-slung, helping achieve maximum or minimum lens heights. Additionally, you can use the Ulti-Head as a standalone Motion Control or Remote Head. Controlled by our powerful Flair motion control software, Talos is easy to use and integrates well with CGI software.

Designed to operate equally well in the studio or on location, the Talos is an extremely portable rig that can be set up by two people and prepared for action in under an hour when shipped in its principal parts. Operating on rigid Moy 620 track or even better the Precision Dolly Rail, it is not only easy to set up but its narrow width allows filming in restricted spaces. The Talos accommodates a wide range of cameras both digital and film. The head can be used as an independent motion control or remote head unit, giving more flexibility to the system.


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Item Description

  • Lift Range of Travel: 2.1m
  • Lift Drive Mechanism: Precision Ball Screw
  • Track Section: 2’ Precision Bearing Dolly Rail
  • Track Drive Mechanism: Rack & Pinion
  • Camera Payload: 40kg / 22Ilbs
  • Power Requirements: Single Phase 110-240VAC 50-60HZ
  • Ridge Width: 706mm, (Fits through standard doorways)

Item Features

Brand MRMC