The StudioBot is an MRMC robotic solution aimed at studio applications where a high level of automation is required whilst maintaining maximum creative possibilities. The system provides master camera angles and extended motion sequences that work for every shot time after time. StudioBot comes as both a standard size, and an XL size.

The StudioBot is a 9-axis robotics system offering a superior creative range to traditional dolly systems. With a smaller physical footprint than the larger XL system, the studiobot is ideal for small-scale studios. Offering all the benefits of integrating with studio automation and 3d graphics systems, the StudioBot creates a vast range of programmable and repeatable shots for studio environments.


  • Compact system offering an unparalleled range of motion
    and unique camera angles
  • Ultra smooth and quiet on-air shot
  • Fully programmable and repeatable moves
  • Live browsing mode for dynamic on-air move
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Integration with positional tracking systems
  • Available with I/O for automation and VR integration

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