The Steadimate-S converts a handheld motorized gimbal into a full body-worn stabilizer system by attaching a mechanical gimbal collar/yoke and weighted base to the post of the gimbal. This allows a spring arm and vest to connect and assist the stabilizer, greatly improving the overall functionality and reducing operator fatigue.

The Steadicam arm reduces vertical bounce by providing z-axis stabilization, while the Steadicam vest provides operator comfort for long shots and long days by comfortably transferring all the weight across your torso and hips.

Add creativity to your work by smoothly pushing the camera all the way to the ground and back up with “Low Mode” capability. Increase panning finesse by performing smooth manual panning.

The Steadimate-S is available as a kit paired with either the Steadicam A-15 stabilizer arm (15lbs/6.8kg support) and Steadicam Aero vest, or the Steadicam A-30 stabilizer arm (30lbs./13.6kg support) and Zephyr vest for larger camera packages. The mechanical gimbal collar/yoke and weighted base are also available separately for use with existing 1/2” post stabilizer systems.


  • Arm Capacity:
    • Steadicam A15 Kit: 15lb / 6.8kg
    • Steadicam A30 Kit: 30lb / 13.6kg
  • Handheld motorized gimbals compatibility:
    • DJI Ronin-S
    • Zhiyun Crane 2
  • Compatible with ؽ” stabilizer arm posts
  • Weighted base utilizes Ø15mm x 60mm rods
  • ¼-20 accessory mounting holes:
    • Gimbal Collar/Yoke handle
    • Weighted base clamp knob
    • Weighted base rod ends

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