• Programmable limits on the telescopic movement of the arm.
  • Programmable movements of the telescopic arm
  • Motion Generator of the telescopic arm with respect to Pan or Tilt.
  • Data displayed on screen: arm range, height of the optic axis and Pan and Tilt angles.Arm speed and Damping adjustable and displayed on the screen.
  • Programmable Stop Sequence.
  • Pan, Tilt and Arm encoder output for Motion Capture jobs.
  • 4 telescopic sections plus Central Arm
  • Smooth movement in high and slow speed
  • Noise reduction system of the telescopic arm movement
  • The head can be mounted Underslung or Overslung
  • Dynamic counterweight system
  • Adjustable fluid in Pan and Tilt
  • 55º inclination on the Tilt arm
  • 2 telescopic column to higher 2 position
  • Selectable width of the articulated legs with lockable position

Item Description

Maximum length:14 m (45 11”’)
Minimum length: 2.41m (7′ 10″)
Telescopic range: 11.4 m (37´4´´)
Max. optic axis height:14.1 m (46´3”)
Telescopic column maximum extension: 0.65 m (2´2”)
Payload in Underslung:70 kg. (154lbs)
Payload in Overslung:45 kg. (99lbs)
Required power: AC 220V/30A or AC110V/30A
Output power for remote head: DC 30V/20A
Output power for monitor: DC 12V/3A

Item Features

Brand ServiceVision