The RR, or Double Rainbow, is elegant, compact and filled with incredible features. This sleek new design advances Quasar Science’s tubular form factor by doubling the width but retaining the low-profile shape that gets the RR into all the same tight spaces as legacy Quasar Science lights.

The RR has two rows of pixels expanding the animation and FX capabilities into a whole new realm, ideal for studio lighting, process car work, and special lighting effects. The RR50 packs in 20 pixels, and the RR100 features 48 separate pixels. All with pixel selection to give the user maximum control.

The RR lights include the Ossium Rail and Slider straight out of the box to mount hardware anywhere along the back of the light. It also includes the Ossium Baby Pin to attach onto the Rail or to the Slider, enabling you to position your mounting point in just the right spot.

The kit includes:

  • 1 – RR Double Rainbow Light
  • 1 – Ossium Slider
  • 1 – Ossium Baby Pin
  • 2 – Q-Boot Bumpers
  • 1 – 8′ AC Power Cord
  • 1 – 8′ DC Power Cord

Item Description


RR50 RR100
Pixels 2 rows of 10 = 20 total 2 rows of 24 = 48 total
Wattage Max 50W Max 100W
Weight 1.5kg 2.6kg
Dimensions 577×84.8mm 1171×84.8mm
Power (VAC) 120vac = 0.45amp

240vac = 0.25 amps

120vac = 0.90amp

240vac = 0.50 amps

Item Features

Brand Quasar Science
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