A multi-format scanner equipped with a 5.1K camera, the PERENITY 2 is specially designed to handle any type of damaged film. The PERENITY automatically adjusts the optical magnification, allowing users to change film formats in less than 2 minutes. With a special cabinet equipped with an air vacuum system to channel air out via the pipes, the PERENITY can avoid the fumes of acetic acid (vinegar syndrome).
Perforations are detected by laser, allowing accurate picture positioning. When combined with the KOLIBRI software, it ensures excellent results, enabling it to handle any type of film shrinkage (up to 5%). To enable picture stabilization, the sensor captures the whole frame including the perforations and an algorithm adjusts each frame position in real time. PERENITY diffused high-power RGB LED reduces the visibility of scratches, providing uniform illumination, while the cold-light source protects your film against heat damage.

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Item Features

Brand CTM