With three lighting modes, the RGB88 enables the creation of colorful lighting effects, useful for science fiction movies.Its strong and durable metal housing,together with its compact size, portable and lightweight design, makes it suitable for outdoor shooting.

Power: 18W
CRI: Ra95
Color Temperature :3200K-5600K
DC Voltage: 7.2-15v
Brightness control: dimmer, 2.4G remote controller, Wifi
Power Source: Sony NP-FH, NP-FM, NP-F

5600k flat led:1m-128lux,2m-44lux,3m-25lux
3200k flat led:1m-125lux,2m-45lux,3m-24lux
5600k led bulb:1m-1164lux,2m-320lux,3m-156lux
3200k led bulb:1m-1056lux,2m-293lux,3m-145lux
Red flat led:1m-180lux,2m-55lux,3m-30lux
Green flat led:1m-280lux,2m-89lux,3m-50lux
Blue flat led: 1m-65lux,2m-22lux,3m-13lux

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Brand Nanguang
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