The MTS hoist with bobbin winding allows safe, flexible and economical lighting suspension in the studio and on stage. The motor unit is housed in the movable part of the lifting device, which ensures a quick and uncomplicated maintenance. An R 48 tube profile is used as standard for load and / or headlight pick-up. 4 steel cables with a diameter of 5.0 mm are used as support. The luminaire hanger has extensive safety devices such as slack rope, cable break, as well as limit switches and emergency limit switches for the position at the top and at the bottom of the motor gear unit. The overload setting as well as all other service settings are easily adjustable from the outside.

The network connections and data lines for the lamps are fitted according to customer requirements. The control is designed as standard for wall control stations, infrared or radio remote control by means of hand transmitters.

The lifting devices from MTS – Media Technical System comply with the relevant safety regulations DGUV regulation 17 (formerly BGV C1, formerly VBG 70) as well as DIN 56950-2 (formerly DIN 15560).

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