Gatorbuddy was designed by a photographer as a better way to handle the bounce and fill cards that are a mainstay on photo shoots. It can also help create instant walls and dividers, and be equipped with a laptop for use as a portable viewing station. Gatorbuddy contains a rugged wheeled base with a low center of gravity that keeps it stable. With a stable steel base and four Tente caster wheels, Gatorbuddy glides, and swivels then locks safely in place. Like a dolly, it can help move panels and V-Flats easily in and out to swap backgrounds.

Gatorbuddy ships complete with rolling base, three baby risers, and two V-Flat holders that are attached with three washers, 3 screws, and one pin. Gator Board / V-Flat not included.


  • Low profile steel base with black powder coat finish
  • Center slider knob allows positioning gator board angles up to 15 degrees
  • Adjustable angle V-Flat channel accepts up to ¾” thick foam core
  • Four 8/32” threaded inserts configured to accept a Jr Wall Plate
  • Aluminum risers snap-in to base via durable black plastic clips
  • Eight 3/8”-16 tapped inserts
  • Durable Tente casters
  • Pegboard slots for easy wall storage


  • Base: 39.2”x18.3”x.85” ( 99×45.7×2.1cm)
  • Risers: 16” with 1” diameter (410mm with 25mm diameter), 5/8” pins
  • Base Weight: 26lbs (12kg)
  • Base Capacity: 50lbs (23kg)
  • V-Flat Holder: 49”x2” (122x5cm)
  • V-Flat Holder Weight: 2lbs each (1kg each)

Item Description