The GF-Slider System is available in 7 standard lengths. Each basic Slider package includes: 2 precision rails, 2 end mounts with 360° »tooth system and the tracking carriage with 2 low height adjusters.

Quiet, smooth and stable, high precision rails
Low profile (can be operated on the ground)
7 rail lengths to choose from
Interchangeable rails
Rails drilled with 3/8” holes 1” apart allowing easy accessory attachment
Tracking carriage for Mitchell, bowl or Euro-adapter mounts
Euro-adapter or Mitchell base mount
Adjustable side plates for repositioning on rails
Additional height adjusters for height extension of the camera mount
End mount adapters (scaffold, lighting stand, levelling legs)
Bangi mode (for off -set panning and table top or tight tracking shots)

Item Features

Brand GFM