SL1 Switch
Created to find an alternative LED solution to the fluorescent tube, the SL1 Switch is robust, compact, colour changing and dimmable, incorporating a soft and round light source in a lightweight and durable housing. Together with a broad range of diffusion and rigging accessories this fixture is autonomous and versatile. The Dome, which creates an even softer effect, is DMG’s user’s favourite accessory. The SL1 SWITCH is the foot soldier, it brings security and comfort on set.

Mini Switch
The perfect lighting tool for the nomadic, quality conscious technician. The MINI SWITCH is a super lightweight and portable panel which can be used anywhere and everywhere. It comes with AC and DC power solutions as well as a wide range of diffusion accessories available. All of which fit nicely into one bag. It is the ideal companion on any set, location, confined space, low ceiling studio, documentary shooting… the list is limitless.

Maxi switch
This unique light is the latest (and largest!) edition to the DMG Family. Measuring 125 x 74 x 2 cm for only 12.5 Kg (27 lb), MAXI SWITCH has an outstanding output of 520 W LED power.

Bi-colour from 3000 to 5600°k, it is also foldable for easy transportation. Built from two panels joined together by a smart hinge, it can fold, making it easy to transport. The two panels can also work separately and be controlled in “split mode”. The MAXI SWITCH yoke allows 360° rotation for maximum freedom, and can also lock the two panels in any position between flat-open and closed.

Containing the latest remote control technologies (DMX / Wireless DMX / Wi-Fi /Lan), the MAXI SWITCH is the ideal companion on location or key lighting in larger studios.

Item Features

Brand DMG Lumière
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