An ultra-light and compact test projector, it can also be used when shooting. MAde for PL, LPL and E-mount lenses, it can also be used for other sockets with the appropriate adapters.



  • Analog positioning for robust operation, low maintenance, thermally safe
  • Adjustment range for the back focus: 1.5 mm
  • Measuring accuracy scale ring <10 µm (smallest division)
  • Formats: 2/3 “HD, Super-16, MFT, S35 + Anamorphic, Alexa 16:9, APS-C, Alexa 35 Open Gate, RED Helium 8K, RED Weapon 8K, Alexa LF 16×9, Alexa LF 2.39, Vista Vision, RED Weapon 8K (Monstro)

Item Features

Brand DENZ