The Compact Clean is the latest film cleaning machine launched by CTM that works with a new solvent which does not contain chlorine. The machine is easy to operate and does not require any special knowledge.

The machine has several advantages:

  • The solvent does not contain chlorine and is approved by the EU Health and Safety Agency for use in various sectors (food, cosmetics, aircraft, medical equipment, etc.)
  • The solvent effectively cleans the film with results comparable to using perchlorethylene solution
  • The solvent costs 4 times less than HFE
  • The solvent is approved for use by the National Audio Visual Institute of France (INA)
  • With a simplified machine design, less complex units (no cold group, no distillation system, no ultrasound, no heating group for the solvent, no vapor condensation system), it requires lower maintenance costs
  • It takes up less indoor space due to its compact design

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