Aigh speed dock for 3x faster access to a Compact Drive, compared to the USB-C reader. Offers up to 2500 MB/s read speed over Thunderbolt 3. The dock can be used on MacOS and Windows without additional software. Mac users have the option to install the free Codex Device Manager software, to enable on-the-fly High Density Encoding (HDE) of ARRIRAW footage.

Includes: Thunderbolt 3 cable, external power supply unit.
Note: Only accepts Codex Compact Drives. Requires a Thunderbolt interface.
Compatible to Thunderbolt 2 via an Apple Thunderbolt 3/2 adapter. Not compatible to host computers offering only USB-C.
Codex Model No: CX.0001007

Item Features

Brand Codex
Part no. K2.0034320
Model no. CX.0001007