Bolt Jr. is a compact, lighter weight high-speed camera robot that’s an agile, smaller option than the full scale MRMC Bolt. The Bolt Jr. is an ideal solution where space, weight, mobility and budget are key.

Capable of impressive and sophisticated high-speed, automated image capture, the compact Bolt Jr. is ideal for working in small studio spaces. Weighing half that of the Bolt, the Bolt Jr. is a portable motion control option that can be set up and ready for action in under an hour, making it an obvious choice for use on location.


  • Synchronised motion with external triggers and model movers for extreme precision timing.
  • Portable, lightweight robotic unit, designed to be set-up and ready for shooting in under an hour.
  • Trigger from timecode. Control DMX Lighting
  • Create incredible timelapse with dynamic movement and feel
  • Every camera move under complete control – precisely repeatable.
  • Define location of your object in space, to simplify any complex move.
  • High speed, precise control of zoom, iris & lens. Fastest & most powerful motors in the world.
  • Take moves planned in Maya and feed them into the Bolt – or interface to augmented or virtual reality in real-time.


  • Small, light high-speed robotic arm
  • Under half weight of the Bolt
  • Camera payload up to 10kg
  • Can be used as both camera rig or model mover
  • Track speed in excess of 3m/sec
  • Arm reach 1.2m

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