The Aurora Max Camera Remote Head is a powerful run-of-show head that delivers maximum production value with minimal downtime, capable of taking the largest camera package with the heaviest zoom lenses up to 99 pounds (45kg).

All KFX remote heads can be easily operated with the control console.


  • Pan/Tilt Speed 120 deg/sec
  • Pan/Tilt speed and damping adjustable via rotary knobs on the control console
  • Pan and Tilt direction set via switches for direction and neutral
  • Hand wheel, pan bar or optional joystick/pan and tilt operation
  • Adjustable tension for the hand-wheels
  • Easily set limits and feathering for limits
  •  Adjustable tension for the hand-wheels
  • Drops directly onto our panbar system when alternative controls are needed
  • Underslung full extension space for camera is 56cm or 22”
  • Underslung fully closed space for camera is 36cm or 14”
  • Weight 17kg or 38lbs
  • Payload 45kg or 99lbs
  • Coming Soon: 360 Roll Axis, Wireless

Item Features

Brand KFX Technology
Model no. Aurora Max