ARRI offers a comprehensive range of electronic ballasts for mains and battery operation, including 19″ rack-mount multi-function electronic ballasts as well as High Speed and Boost ballasts. ARRI Ballasts feature state-of-the-art electronics and offer easy maintenance, automatic fault detection and extensive status indicators along with impeccable reliability and safety.

Electronic High Speed Ballasts with AutoScan – 2500/4000w, 6000/9000w, 12000/18000w

Electronic High Speed Ballasts – 575/800w,575/1200w, 1200/1800w, 2500/4000w, 6000/12000w

Electronic Location Ballasts – 200w, 575/1200w, 1200/1800w, 2500w Baby, 2500w, 2500/4000w, 6000/9000w, 6000/12000w, 12000/18000w

Electronic Lightweight Ballasts – 125/200w, 400/575w

Electronic Battery Ballasts – 125/200w, 200/400w

Electronic Booster Ballasts – 4000 Booster

Electronic Event Ballasts – 575 Event Single, 575 Event Six, 1200/1800w

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Brand Arri
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