The ARRI ALEXA 35 is a 4K Super 35 camera that deliver 2.5 stops more dynamic range, better low light performance, and richer colors. The new REVEAL Color Science takes full advantage of the sensor’s image quality, while ARRI Textures enhance in-camera creativity.

More dynamic range, contrast, and sensitivity
The ALEXA 35 has 17 stops of dynamic range (exposure latitude), far more than any other digital cinema camera. Having 1.5 stops more in the highlights and one stop more in the shadows than previous ALEXA cameras, while retaining the naturalistic film-like highlight roll-off, will be game-changing for filmmakers. With low noise and sensitivity settings ranging from EI 160 to EI 6400, ALEXA 35 is a “High ISO” camera. An optional Enhanced Sensitivity Mode can be applied to settings between EI 2560 and EI 6400, producing an even cleaner image in low light.

REVEAL Color Science
REVEAL Color Science is the collective name for a suite of new image processing steps used by ALEXA 35 internally and also available through leading third-party postproduction tools for ARRIRAW processing. It includes an improved debayering algorithm for cleaner compositing, a new color engine for more accurate color reproduction, a new wide gamut color space for faster
grading, new LogC4 encoding to contain the increased dynamic range, and new LogC4 LUTs (Look Up Tables) for improved color fidelity. REVEAL Color Science is also backwards compatible, and can process ARRIRAW footage captured by ALEXA LF and Mini LF cameras.

Enhanced creative control
With its Super 35 4:3 native 4K sensor, ALEXA 35 can be used with a vast global inventory of existing lenses—modern and vintage, anamorphic and spherical, Super 35 and large format.  ARRI Textures is a unique new feature that allows cinematographers to fundamentally alter the way in which the camera records images, should they wish to. For the first time, ALEXA 35 provides the option to choose from a menu of ARRI Textures, much like selecting a film stock.

Easy operation and new accessory range
ALEXA 35 is the smallest fully-featured ARRI production camera ever, packing the features and processing power of a “larger” ALEXA into a Mini-sized body. Fast and easy operation is assured through a new left-side display, Advanced Color Match, pre-recording capability, and a slew of usability improvements such as additional user buttons. A total of 19 recording formats, incorporating efficient in-camera down-sampling and anamorphic de-squeezing, allow productions to optimize data rate, resolution, and other parameters, based on their individual
needs. Mixed reality and virtual productions will benefit from the camera’s ability to record lens metadata in all common standards and output real-time streaming metadata to ARRI’s Live Link Metadata Plug-in for Unreal Engine.

Item Features

Brand ARRI
Model no. ALEXA 35