A light doorway Dolly which allows the operator to switch 2- to 4-wheel-steering by simply lifting the push bar. The steering rod and the push-bar can be mounted at the front or at the back of the dolly, ensuring that the grip never gets in the way of the camera.

Another highlight of the dolly is the enormous flexibility of mounting positions for the turnstile as well as for the seat arms and accessories on the platform. The new quick release clamp bolts enable an unprecedented adaptability.

With the 4×4 Dolly it is possible to change over from pneumatic wheels to track wheels within seconds, even without tools.

A variety of MovieTech accessories like tripod-feet, additional platforms, system low-rig, leveling legs, jib-arms and much more make the 4×4 Dolly ready for any use on the professional film set.

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Brand Movietech