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Dinkum Actionpod

$ 53.00
ActionPod® is a clamping monopod that is genius in its simplicity, providing the quickest, easiest mounting solution on the market.

Dinkum CINE™ Lens Shade w/ Clamp

$ 136.00
Designed for use on larger film and video cameras, the CINE™ lens shade, or “french flag”, attaches quickly and accurately

Dinkum FlexiMount

$ 96.00
FlexiMount™ is a quick-clamping microphone mount with a strong base and 9-link, 11” long arm, which may be accurately positioned

Dinkum Video ProPack™

$ 265.00
Get the most out of your Dinkum Systems® gear with our Video ProPack™. This selection of mounts, a shade, adaptive