Even though he didn’t develop a camera, Wendelin Sachtler, cameraman, actor, and inventor, made a significant contribution to the process of pictures becoming “movies”. In 1958 he developed his own tripod head, a turning point for the film industry. His so-called gyro head could not only be panned and tilted but was also dampened by a gyro-system. Filmmakers were now finally able to execute pans without having to fight against their equipment gaining momentum. 60 years on, Wendelin Sachtler’s inventive mind and guiding principles are the very foundation on which the philosophy Sachtler is based. The company remains true to its founder’s values. Today, as in the past, the film and television industries equate Sachtler with quality, reliability and innovation. Through constant advances in product development and continual investments in the most modern manufacturing processes, Sachtler has maintained its standing in the industry for more than six decades.